Wednesday, March 19, 2014

*New "Diplomacy Lab"...USA*

Partnering with America’s Best Universities to
Help Solve the World’s Biggest Challenges
"Diplomacy Lab is designed to address two priorities: first, Secretary Kerry’s determination to engage the American people in the work of diplomacy. And second, the imperative to broaden the State Department’s research base in response to a proliferation of complex global challenges. The initiative enables the State Department to “course-source” research and innovation related to foreign policy by harnessing the efforts of students and faculty experts at universities across the country. Students participating in Diplomacy Lab explore real-world challenges identified by the Department and work under the guidance of faculty members who are authorities in their fields. This initiative allows students to contribute directly to the policymaking process while helping the State Department tap into an underutilized reservoir of intellectual capital. Teams that develop exceptional results and ideas are recognized for their work and may be invited to brief senior State Department officials on their findings.
Looking for other ways to engage with the State Department? For virtual internship opportunities, see the Virtual Student Foreign Service. The State Department also organizes many youth exchanges and traditional internships."